About Jill

Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary journey of an artist whose passion knows no bounds! Inspired by a mother’s love for the arts, Jill has embarked on a remarkable artistic odyssey that will leave you in awe.

With a patriotic spirit and a heart of service, Jill dedicated four years to the U.S. Air Force, only to find another adventure awaiting her. This adventurous soul embarked on a nine-year journey across the United States and even ventured across the Atlantic to Europe for three unforgettable years. Jill and her family were fortunate to taste the rich tapestry of European life and culture.

But it’s Jill’s unyielding appreciation for the beauty of nature that truly sets them apart. Each day is a canvas, and they are the master artists, bringing the wonders of nature to life in vibrant colors.  With formal training in the fine arts and an insatiable appetite for self-study, Jill has become a maestro of color, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Jill extends heartfelt gratitude to the countless artists who’ve influenced and inspired them.

Whether amidst the picturesque landscapes of Florida or the serene beauty of Minnesota, Jill paints, cherishes family, and celebrates good health during their annual travels.

To all who cross paths with this remarkable soul, may you too find love in the embrace of family and the boundless beauty of nature!

Follow Jill’s artistic journey and experience the world through her vibrant lens on Instagram at jillsfinearts.  To see Jill’s extensive paintings portfolio with hundreds of available pieces and numerous others that have found their way into businesses and homes throughout the country,



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